We all know about the importance and growth of international air transport, without going any further in 2015 air traffic grew by 2.2% compared to the previous year. However, who is in charge of managing and coordinating this entire logistics conglomerate? Within air transport, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is of special relevance, which aims to regulate air transport open to the public, in addition to being the instrument for cooperation between airlines for the benefit of consumers around the world.


What is IATA


The association is made up of 260 air carriers, more than 400 strategic partners and more than 100,000 accredited agencies. Together they operate in the aviation sector to promote safety, reliability, trustworthiness and economy in air transport. The association that seeks the development of commercial air transport has the following objectives:

  • Promote safe, regular and economical air transport.
  • As well as guaranteeing the benefit of users.
  • Guarantee the necessary ways to achieve cooperation between air transport companies and those who serve them. Promote the development of air transport in search of the agility of commercial transactions.
  • It also creates regulatory standards for international air traffic ensuring healthy competition among member companies.
  • Provide all the necessary information to governments and individuals about the aviation sector.

But this is not all, because IATA also provides benefits to all parties involved, as is the case with Fletalia. First of all, this service simplifies the travel and transportation processes while maintaining low-cost rates, which is beneficial to consumers. Next, and as for the airlines, it ensures healthy competition as well as ensuring that they operate safely, efficiently and economically. Likewise, it is a provider of great industrial solutions for freight forwarders and airlines offering up-to-date information on the industry.


What are the benefits of an IATA agent nowadays


If we want to transport cargo by air, the only way to ensure that the entire process will comply with the regulations on security, legislation and customs procedures is to do it through an authorized IATA agent, as is the case of Fletalia.

  • The IATA Agent is authorized to issue tickets, both national and international, of more than 250 airlines that operate worldwide.
  • IATA agents have access to a standard contracting, billing and payment system that allows them to expedite the issuance of essential documents for the shipment of air cargo such as the Airways Bill.
  • In terms of security, both for cargo and the entire process of dealing with the client, the IATA Agent certificate ensures that the operator will comply with a series of standardized protocols in its relationship with all the actors in the logistics chain (airlines, handling, carriers …) to guarantee the highest quality throughout the process.

These advantages position Fletalia above companies outside of IATA and at the same time benefit the users who benefit from our services.