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General considerations to export from Spain

In recent years, many Spanish companies have decidedly begun to export to attack the international market, thus increasing the possibility of generating income. From Fletalia, we hope to help any company, whether or not it has experience in Spanish exports, so that it can be sent from Spain to any part of the world as an exporter. In this sense, you should always take into account multiple aspects.


What kind of materials could be shipped?

Your shipping cost will depend on the merchandise you ship. Don't forget, you must tell yourself if the product will be accepted in the destination country. For example, if the goods are dangerous, perishable, or special, they may need to be transported, but the transport is restricted. At the destination, as an exporter, you must know the taxes that will be charged to your products, depending on the nature of the products that are shipped.


What is the source port and what is the destination port?

It is good to know that the export will come from Spain, but it is not enough. You should also know the main ports, stations and charging stations of the destination country, as well as other factors. You can check the main ports or terminals of the destination country on our website.


How long will it take for my goods to arrive at the destination port?

Once the export appointment from Spain to abroad has been completed in accordance with the above terms, it does not mean that everything is guaranteed. It is important to remember that transit times are approximate and containers usually arrive within the estimated time, but any failure or delay in the logistics chain can affect this given time. On the other hand, the destination tax authorities (customs) deal with the different control procedures foreseen (settlement, X-ray inspection, physical inspection, etc.) and the transshipment or delay of goods of different sizes. This route can cause delays of several days.

In our articles we will try to explain in depth the characteristics of the countries to export and the existing business opportunities: