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Dinamic Spain freight forwarder, our success is not let to chance. It is based on our team’s years of hard work, experience, outstanding innovation and its continuous improvement.

AA Sea and Air Logistics is a SpaIn freight forwarder company founded in 2002 and has its own offices in Europe and the Far East. Provide comprehensive logistics solutions through all transportation methods worldwide. AA shipping and air transportation logistics provide various services, such as domestic and international air transportation, sea transportation and road transportation Customs clearance and warehousing

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Located in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. 

We want to be your Spain Freight Forwarder, we are global and local specialists in air, sea, and land freight services, logistics solutions, and project transport.

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AA Sea and Air logistics, we offer unique benefits for companies seeking for transparency and flexibility. Likewise, what distinguishes us is our ability to provide local customer service. Above all, with our own network or global agents that facilitate connection with third countries. Efficiency, speed and service are key priorities for us.

We work with the most relevant ocean carriers in the world: MSC, MAERSK, YML, CMA, etc.

Typically, a freight forwarder handles large amounts of cargo. From origin or destination. Or from one international destination to another. So they are a bird part of the triangular transport. At least 3 companies (manufacturers, intermediaries and end customers) are involved in the triangular business. It may be that each company is located in a different country. Although there is only one delivery of merchandise and one transport. From a local point of view, this operation is very complicated. Especially for tax and duty issues.